Gift ideas

Quick And Easy Holiday Gift Ideas for Men, Women And Kids

The holidays mean fun celebrations, memorable family gatherings — and the stress of buying holiday gifts for loved ones in your life. “When choosing the perfect gift, keep the giftee top of mind,” says Simone McDowell, Buzz Creator and Gift Stylist at HoneeBee Gifts, where she provides personal gift shopping and consultations. “Look at what …

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Quick summer recipes

6 Summer Recipes That Take Literally Minutes To Make

You don’t want to be stuck in a steamy kitchen on a hot summer day. So how can you get dinner on the patio table faster? “It can take less than 30 minutes, even as little as 10 minutes, to pull a meal together,” says Marnie Swedberg, author of Marnie’s Kitchen Shortcuts. “With just a …

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Cleaning cheat sheet
Smart Living

How To Create A Perfect Cleaning Cheat Sheet

Feel like you never stop cleaning? A 2008 University of Michigan survey found that American women scrub their houses an astonishing average of 17 hours a week, and (no surprise) their spouses spend a lot less time with a sponge. The good news: “Such drudgery is totally unnecessary,” says Jeff Bredenberg, author of How to Cheat …

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Speed cooking

4 Secrets To Speed Cooking And Fast Meal Prep

With all the washing, chopping, slicing, dicing, simmering and stirring that goes into making a home-cooked meal, it’s no wonder people give up and order takeout. But with a couple of insider strategies and some helpful kitchen tools, you can whip up delicious, nutritious fare in half the time it’s taken you until now. “Time …

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