Halloween Costumes That Start With W

Halloween Costumes That Start With W

So you’ve been invited to a Halloween party, but the catch is you have to dress up in a Halloween costume that starts with the letter w.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help with our extensive list of Halloween costumes that start with w. Whether the whole party is ‘W’ themed, or you have to come as something that starts with the first letter of your name (and your name happens to be William or Wynona or some other ‘W’ name), simply peruse our list of Halloween costume suggestions and find the best costume idea beginning with w for you!

Halloween Costumes Starting With W


Find yourself a red and white striped shirt and see if anyone can spot you! Or make life easy and buy the costume here.


Dress up as this fun and funky sea creature – it might not be scary but it’s sure to give some Halloween laughs!


What’s Halloween without a witch or two? Call yourself the Wicked Witch of the West and you have totally met the brief and got your ‘starting with w’ covered! Make your own costume with a cardboard pointed hat and an old fashioned broomstick, or just grab a ready made witch’s costume here:


If you’re a foodie, or just really like your waffles, you’ll look great dressed up as a waffle this Halloween!

Waiter or Waitress

Dress as a waiter or waitress if you dare, just don’t be coerced into serving the food at the party!


Not to be confused with a kangaroo, the wallaby is another native Australian animal that happens to look a bit like a kangaroo, but it’s not, it’s a wallaby and wallaby starts with w!

But, we couldn’t find a wallaby costume, so you might have to make do with a kangaroo costume and just keep reminding everyone that you are, indeed, a wallaby!


Dress in your finest armor and fighting gear and proclaim yourself to be a warrior! Or, if you’ve got the abs for it, just grab a costume like this:


Add some sting to the Halloween party in a wasp costume. Opt for the Marvel type of wasp:

Or choose a bee style costume for a more traditional wasp look!

Washing Machine

Everyone needs a washing machine, but not everyone will think of dressing up as one for Halloween! Get crafty and try and make one yourself out of a big box, or, take the easy way out and just wear a t-shirt like this one:


Dress up as your favorite president, or, at least, the one whose surname starts with W! Alternatively, you could try and dress up as the state!


Quench everyone’s thirst at your Halloween party by dressing as a refreshing bottle of water! Try and craft your own costume, or take the easy way out and wear a t-shirt like this:


Choose your own favorite Wayne and dress up as him for Halloween! We were mainly thinking of Wayne from Wayne’s World, but if you’ve got another ‘Wayne’ idea, then go for it!

Wednesday Addams

Perfect for Halloween, Wednesday from the creepy, yet funny, Addams Family! Simply plait your hair and wear black, or grab a costume like this one:


There are so many wizard characters and looks you could choose from, thanks Harry Potter, but, for Halloween, you could always just stick with a traditional wizard’s costume like this one:


Nothing is scarier than a werewolf at Halloween!


Choose your favorite Wendy and dress up like her! You can go for the sweet and innocent Wendy from Peter Pan:

Or choose to be more like the restaurant franchise:

Willy Wonka

A classic for Halloween, that also just happens to start with W! In fact this costume should give you extra credit for the two w’s used in the name!


If you want everyone to love you, then it’s a no brainer to dress up as wifi this year – everybody loves wifi! Take a really easy option by dressing up as Wifi with this t-shirt:


Choose your favorite Wiggle and then pull on the appropriately colored skivvy to dress as a Wiggle from The Wiggles this Halloween!

Winnie The Pooh

Relive some magical childhood memories and dress as the character of Winnie The Pooh!


Everybody will be happy to see you if you’re dressed as a bottle, or a glass, of wine!


OK, we don’t really know how you would do this, it’s going to take some creativity on your part, but you’d get a lot of love by turning up to a ‘W’ themed Halloween party wearing everybody’s favorite word game!


If you’re not keen on the werewolf idea, you might like to just go as a regular wolf, or maybe that’s the big, bad wolf? Totally your call!

Wonder Woman

Another great Halloween costume idea that earns you extra credit for the two W’s starting both Wonder and Woman!


‘We are the world’ so maybe now we should start dressing like it!

Worcestershire Sauce

OK, this one is not just hard to say and spell, it’s also a little tricky to find a costume for! But, you could throw on this t-shirt:

And then add a hat like this:

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

Wow! There’s a lot of w’s in this character’s name!


What could be more classic for a Halloween costume than an old Toy Story favorite (who happens to start with W!)?

Whoopee Cushion

Add some laughs, and a touch of class(!) to your Halloween Party in this whoopee cushion costume! Just don’t blame us if everyone keeps trying to sit on you all night!

So there you have it, we think you’ll agree that this is a fairly comprehensive list of Halloween costume ideas starting with w. If there’s nothing here you like, or feel the urge to dress up as, grab a dictionary and just start looking through all the w words until you find something that hits the mark for you!

Whichever costume you choose, we hope you have a fun time celebrating Halloween. Oh, and if you need some help choosing some Halloween wine for your party, we’ve got you covered here. We’ve also got some pumpkin carving tips here.