Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

The holidays mean fun celebrations, memorable family gatherings -- and the stress of buying holiday gifts for loved ones in your life. “When choosing the perfect gift, keep the giftee top of mind,” says Simone McDowell, Buzz Creator and Gift Stylist at HoneeBee Gifts, where she provides personal gift shopping and consultations. “Look at what is of interest to the person you are purchasing the gift for.” To help you get your gift list together, we rounded up some hot items for 2013 for everyone and every interest.

Holiday Gifts For Women

For the fitness buff: Women who love to exercise will jump for the Fitbit Force Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband, which provides real-time activity and sleep stats. ($123)

For the techie: Perfect for moms who are no strangers to spills -- or the accidental toilet drop -- the Joy Factory BubbleShield cell phone sleeve is a waterproof case that provides wet protection, while letting you continue to use it. ($20)

For the fashionista: The InstaWatch by May28th lets you upload a photo from a phone or Instagram, and customize a watch with the photo, band colors, buckle and more. ($44)

For the naturalist: “Spa days are a great experience gift,” says McDowell. Get a gift certificate for an organic spa day, or opt for a cheaper at-home spa experience with the Stadler Form Jasmine Aroma Diffuser. ($60)

Holiday Gifts For Men

For the stylish: Perfect for the on-the-go guy, the Sharper Image Travel Grooming Kit has everything from nail clippers to a comb to a corkscrew in a stylish leather case. ($80)

For the techie: “A nice watch is a classic gift that still makes an impression,” says McDowell. Upgrade with the Cookoo watch, which manages your cell phone, email and even social media accounts so you’re always connected. ($130)

For the sports enthusiast: Fashionable and fun, Cufflink Aficionado sports cufflinks will help the man in your life show team pride without being overly fanatical. (price range $50 - 200+)

For the outdoorsman: Whether he needs cold to stay cold or hot to stay hot, the Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle keeps liquid at the temperature you want for up to 24 hours. ($22 - $50)

Holiday Gifts For Children

For the baby: Since babies are overloaded with toys, McDowell suggests going the more personal route. “Personalize a onesie or bib, or go beyond the run of the mill dolls with a handmade sock doll,” she says. Inktastic personalized clothes can help you create the perfect customized gift for a baby. ($9+)

For the child: Know a child who’s always stealing their parents’ tablet? Make them happy and help them learn with the VTech InnoTab 3 The Learning App Tablet. They can explore their creative side with an art studio or dive into age-appropriate educational games. ($60)

For the teen: Teens are often buried behind technology, so change it up with an experiential gift. Tickets to a game, an indoor rock climbing gym day, or horseback riding lessons at the local equestrian center will get them moving and create memories. (priceless memories)

4 Steps to a Holiday Party-ready Entryway

As you ready your home to host a holiday party, the focus is typically on the main rooms guests will spend time in. But having an entryway make an impression is equally, if not more, important. After all, it’s the first thing your guests will see when they arrive. Here’s how to properly welcome guests into your home -- from the outside in.

Entryway Party Prep Step 1: Start Outside

The entryway includes more than the space after walking through the door. “I like to set the tone of the party before guests enter,” says professional party planner Julia Lake. Line your mailbox and pathway with simple white holiday lights so guests can easily identify your house, and can easily see the path to the door.

The door itself can be dressed up too. “Decorate with a bay leaf or boxwood garland and a wreath on the front door. Upon arrival, your guests are immediately met with some holiday flare,” says Lake. Switch out your normal welcome mat for a festive holiday mat.

Entryway Party Prep Step 2: Be Functional

Once inside, help your guests quickly feel comfortable, and easily move into the party atmosphere. Clear out space in the entry closet for guests to hang their coats in the moments you aren’t immediately available, providing enough hangers. If you have the room, add another coat rack, table or umbrella stand for convenience.

Entryway Party Prep Step 3: Set the Mood

Scents are the easiest way to instantly create a specific mood. Holiday-scented candles, such as apple spice, cinnamon, or vanilla, combined with the glowing fire, will immediately bring warmth to your home. “Candles placed at different levels around the home will create interest,” says Seri Kertzner, founder of Little Miss Party Planner. If you don’t have out-of-reach spots in your entryway, look for holiday scented air fresheners.

Another easy way to set the mood? Welcome guests with a small table placed to the side holding champagne cocktails; it will quickly get everyone into the holiday spirit!

Entryway Party Prep Step 4: Beautify

Because the entryway is the first space that sets the tone of the party, continue with your color palette and decorations in this area. “Buy flowers; decorate with antiques stuffed with holiday flair, such as gold pine cones; or stuff colored ornaments into clear vases,” says Lake. These can be placed on a side table or entry hall table.