Living Well

Stress-relieving Gifts for $10 or Less

Whether they're for a friend or yourself, the gift of stress reduction is sure to please. Here are 7 budget-friendly stress busters. more

Biggest Pet Peeves -- and How to Fix Them

Is your furry friend acting up? Try these solutions for common pet bad behavior. more

5 Festive Holiday Grogs

Drink and be merry with these festive holiday drinks. more

7 Commandments of Seasonal Stress Reduction

Don't let the hustle and bustle turn you into a Grinch. These holiday stress busters can keep you feeling merry. more

Holiday Fashion: Slenderize Your Look

Look slimmer this season with a few dress-smart tips. more

Get the Most Bang for Your Holiday Shopping Buck

Save big on that gift list with these smart strategies. more

DIY Thinking-Of-You Jars

Transform any old glass container with this romantic accent. more

Throw a Fall Family Football Party

You don’t need a national holiday to get the family together. Start an annual football party and touch football game that will help your family kick-off its own traditions. more

Family-Friendly Volunteer Vacations

Family volunteer work abroad is a great way to teach kids the art of giving back. And there's no better time to get started than when your family is together and away from everyday distractions. more

Easy, Creative DIY Bookmarks

Add a little beauty between the pages. more

Get Your Kitchen Holiday Party-ready

When it comes to throwing a party this season, let your kitchen serve as much more than where the food is prepared. more

Get Your Bathroom Holiday Party-ready

Don't overlook one of the most-used rooms in the house when getting your home party-ready this season. Here's how to clean a bathroom and prepare it for your party guests. more

Living Room Holiday Makeover

Make the room that's typically the focal point of a party leave a festive impression. This living room party checklist includes everything from holiday decorating to arranging furniture. more

Make Your Own Dog Bed

Save money and give your pooch something cozy to curl up on with these step-by-step instructions. more

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Just in time for Halloween, consider the following 10 family costume ideas for mom, dad and the kids. more

Pumpkin Carving Tips

Halloween is right around the corner, and that means it's jack-o-lantern time. From choosing the right pumpkin to picking the right tools, we've got some smart jack-o-lantern ideas. more

Wardrobe Revamp for Next to Nothing

Overhaul your wardrobe with a little time and not a lot of money. more

15 Brilliant Ideas for Some Last-Minute Warm-Weather Fun

Before that winter chill sets in for good, eke out every fun moment possible. more

Quick, Feel-Good Cold Remedies for Kids

Ease your little ones' sickness with these proven strategies. more

Host a Garage Sale That Sells

Turn your clutter into extra cash with these tips for a successful garage sale more

The $30 Wardrobe Makeover

Make your wardrobe "new" again -- affordably. more

Pet-Proof Your Home for Parties

While you're prepping for your bash, don't forget to safeguard your furry friends too. more

15 Ways to Squeeze in Some Final Summer Fun

Before that chill sets in for good, take the last warm days of early fall to eke out every fun moment possible. more

Table Scraps You CAN Feed Your Pet

Healthy people-food you can feed your pooch. more

Housewives of the ’80s, ’90s and Today

Forget the reality-show depictions. Here's a look at what's influenced real moms over the years. more

5 Digital Ways to Stay Close to Grandparents

Couldn't swing your usual summer trip to Grandma's this year? No worries, we've got high-tech tools to make up the lost time. more

Power Outage Survival Kit

When it’s lights out, occupy restless kids with these smart ideas for family fun. more

Get Your Kids to Start Saving for College

Instilling a love of saving in kids starts early. Here's what you need to know to raise smart savers. more

Backyard Campout Tips and Tricks

Outdoor adventures can be intimidating -- especially when bringing the kids along. Leave the stress at home and pitch a tent in your backyard -- the trip can be just as fun! more

Housekeeping for Summer Allergies

Allergy season is longer than ever, so keep sniffles and sneezes at bay with the following guide to banishing allergens. more

27 Ways to Get Closer to Nature

Enjoying the great outdoors is good for both mind and body, so throw on a jacket and be a part of it! more

5 Powerful Herbs and Spices to Start Cooking With

Adding a dash of fresh spices to your dish can amp up the nutrition as well as the flavor. Here's how. more

7 Laundry Time Savers

Chances are you're spending more time with your washer and dryer than necessary. Use these tips to streamline the process. more

Back-to-School Jitters: 5 Ways to Ease Worries

How to quell back-to-school anxieties and make the first month great. more

DIY Pretty Summer Gifts

Easy-to-make presents that are inspired by the sea, sand and surf. more

Top 12 Vacation Money Savers

Take your much-needed break without breaking the bank. more

Pamper That Pet: 5 Pet-Friendly Hotels You’ll Love

There's no reason to leave your pet behind this summer. Check out these fun hotels that give the royal treatment to your four-legged family members. more

Which Summer Flower Are You?

Embrace the heady floral scents of summer and discover which flower best fits you and your home. more

Does Your Child Have a Sleep Disorder?

Sleep disorders are much more common than parents realize. Here are three that could be keeping your child up at night -- and what to do about it. more

4 Best Train Trips in America

Kids love trains, and -- bonus for you -- trains are less expensive than planes. We offer four family-friendly routes, plus tips to maximize your travel experience. more

Have a Fireworks-Free Fourth

What is a Fourth of July celebration without fireworks? With these festive foods, fun-filled crafts and family-friendly activities, it's a blast! more

7 Migraine Relievers You Haven’t Tried Yet

Squirm no more -- these natural pain relief methods will have you back to healthy, happy and headache-free in no time. more

Meals Made Simple: Q&A With the ‘$5 Dinner Mom’

Savvy mom and blogger Erin Chase shows you how to cook for six for only $5. more

What Dads Really Want: Top 9 Father's Day Gifts

A Father's Day gift guide to help you nourish the dads in your life from the inside out. more

Cut Back on Summer Spending

While you're out having fun in the sun, your expenses may be sneaking up on you. Here's how to keep hidden costs in check. more

6 Ways to Save: Big Celebrations

Graduations, engagements, rehearsal dinners and weddings -- major parties can cost major dollars. But you don't have to cut the guest list to cut costs. more

Chores That Pay

The next time your child asks for a raise in allowance, give him a cool job to do instead. You'll both be the richer for it! more

Plan the Perfect Play-cation!

Can’t manage the perfect getaway just yet? No worries, fun and adventure abound right in your own backyard. Go ahead, request the days off and get your play on with the family. more

Is Your Dog Taking Over Your Life?

Your pet stole your heart on day one, and now he’s taking over your home too! Here’s how to rethink your space so you can both cohabit in peace. more

Spring Break…in a Day

You don't need a week at the beach to feel rejuvenated (although it does work!). An offbeat afternoon adventure can do the trick -- for a lot less. more

One-day Home Makeover

From chic window treatments to creative furniture refreshers, these simple spruce-ups impress holiday guests. more

Shape up With Family-friendly Fitness

Setting new exercise goals? Get your whole family up and moving -- without even leaving the house. more

Finding Deals and Steals in a Down Economy

In these budget-crunching times, who wouldn’t want to find the best savings? A little extra cash can go a long way. more

6 Ways to Save: Reinventing Yourself

Going back to college is one way to jump-start your career, but it can be a pricey proposition. A little creativity can make your metamorphosis low-cost. more

Go Green to Save Green

Sure, you recycle and turn off the lights behind you. But there are other surprising steps you can take that will benefit the environment -- and your bank statement. more

Bring in the Cash

In this economy, who wouldn’t want to pick up extra income? When you figure out what people will pay for, you can start earning money from home. more

6 Simple Home Repair Jobs You Can Do Yourself

Small fix-it projects can quickly add up to a big-time expense. Save money by handling the most basic home repair tasks yourself. more

The Right Job at the Right Time

No boss, no commute, no time sheet. The rewards of starting a home business can far outweigh the risks. Consider these facts before taking the leap. more

Cut a Three-Hour Clean to 30 Minutes

Summer’s over, and it’s back to nonstop running around. Here’s how to quick-clean the busiest rooms your home in less time than it takes to shower. more

Go Wild…and Bring the Kids

Want to really get to know your kids? One weekend in the woods may teach you more than you'd learn in a year. It's not expensive; the memories, however, are priceless. more

10 Ways to Reuse and Save

Recycling is great for the environment, but reusing benefits your budget too. Here are some smart and surprising ways to give toss-ables a second chance. more

5 Money-saving Gardening Tips

Planning and a little patience can greatly trim your gardening expenses. From homemade fertilizers to self-seeding plants, here are easy ways to grow your garden without shrinking your wallet. more

Cut Cleaning Costs

Want to stretch your cleaning dollar? Make your supplies last longer. Here’s how to get the most mileage out of everything. more

Top 5 Ways to Never Waste Food Again

Every year, much of the food we prepare ends up in the garbage. Make sure your family isn't throwing food -- and money -- away. more

Post-holiday Deals and Steals

For smart shoppers, the buying frenzy starts in January. From electronics to jewelry, here's where the bargain hunters go to cash in on the big sales after the holidays. more

Take the Germ Quiz

You want to kill them … but do you really know where to find them and how to destroy them? Here, secret tips for beating bacteria. more

6 Ways to Save: Family Vacations

The lake house you’ve rented for years may be out of reach this summer, but if you’re flexible and adventurous, you can still have a magical getaway. more

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