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How to Speed Clean Your Living Room

The living room may be one of the bigger spaces in your home, but it can still be cleaned in no time with these quick cleaning tips. more

Top 10 Great-Smelling Houseplants

Evergreens aren't the only fragrant houseplants for winter. Here are the 10 best indoor plants that leave your house smelling great. more

DIY Festive Ribbon

Decorate your bookshelves in a flash. more

DIY Rope & Tin Vase

A tin can project that'll make you feel good about your carbon footprint. more

New Uses for Old Candles

Used up a candle? Don't toss the jar! This de-waxing trick will help you make it new again so you can use it for anything your heart desires, whether it's jam or marbles. more

Pet-proof Your Home for Holiday Safety

Create a festive atmosphere in your home while keeping your pet safe. more

Christmas Fun With Yarn

Get the family together for this beautiful seasonal project. more

DIY Spotlight: Ombre Candles

You already know about ombre hair and ombre nails. Now take this trend to a new level and dress up your favorite candles. more

4 Steps to a Holiday Party-ready Entryway

It may be one of the smallest spaces in your home, but the entryway has the potential to make the biggest impact. Prep yours for a holiday party in 4 simple steps. more

Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

With so many choices, it's hard to know where to start when getting holiday gifts for those close to you. Ideas That Spark helps you cross off your gift list. more

Ways You can Beat Household Odors

Banish lingering smells with our step-by-step guide to a fresh home more

A Natural Accent for Your Home

Bring a little bit of nature indoors, with this elegant DIY project. more

Beautify Your Windows This Fall

Usher in the season the right way, with this whimsical DIY project. more

Keep a Germ-Free Home for the Holidays

'Tis the season for friends, family, houseguests ... and colds. Stave off sniffles with these smart precautions. more

Cleaning Tips: Mastering the Last-Minute Clean

Here's our room-by-room guide to cleaning the house in order so you have more time to relax this season. more

Holiday Refresh: Beautify the Guest Room

Impress your guests with a room that's warm and inviting. These last-minute guest room ideas will have your visitors begging to stay more

Speed-Clean: Your Fridge

Sticky jars and leaky takeout containers make you cringe when you open the fridge. Here's how to take charge of this appliance so it sparkles -- and how to keep it clean. more

DIY Halloween Décor Kids Can Make

Fun, creative ideas to help your kids spruce up your home -- and keep their minds off candy for just a little longer. more

5 Cleaners Every Household Needs

Get your house in tip-top shape in time for the holidays with five must-have cleaning products. more

Home Sanctuary Décor Ideas -- for Less

Is your home negatively affecting your health? Turn your house into a happy and healthy home with simple touches anyone can do. more

Aromatherapy Scents Around the House

Freshen up your home and boost your mood with the best aromatherapy scents more

Speed Clean Your Pantry

Disorder, spills and smells get the boot in no time with this step-by-step guide to pantry perfection. more

Not-so-scary Halloween Decor

Dress up your home this Halloween with festive, chic décor ideas that scream beautiful -- not boo! more

Fall Home Makeover

Five fashion-forward accessories to cozy up your home this season. more

5 Multitasking Cleaners We Love

Save time and money while tidying your home with these essentials. more

Ingenious Ways to Make Chores Fun

How to get your kids to want to help out around the house. more

5 Brilliant Closet Organization Tricks

Smart tricks to make an organized summer-to-fall wardrobe transition. more

Best Remedies for the Worst Household Odors

Keep a clean home despite sweaty kids and damp swimsuits, odors are rampant this season. Here's how to sidestep those offensive scents. more

Sleep Better Tonight: Turn Your Bedroom Into a Sanctuary

Stop tossing and turning! With these simple bedroom adjustments, you'll snooze soundly all night long. more

7 Ways You Haven’t Hurricane-Proofed Your Home Yet

Hurricane season is officially upon us. Here's what to do now to keep your home and family safe in the coming months. more

Picture-Perfect Patios

Make over your outdoor space with inspiring themes from Pinterest. more

Take It Outside

Porches, patios and backyard decks -- 'tis the season for entertaining al fresco. Turn your outdoor space into a party "room" with these inexpensive decorating tips. more

“Best Wedding Gift I Ever Got”

Want to really wow the bride and groom with a unique gift? We asked real brides about the most memorable gifts they ever got. Here's what they said. more

Keep Your Home Pet-Clean

Pets are great -- except for the hair, stains and odors that go with them. Here, ways for the whole family to help keep the mess at bay. more

Get Your Kitchen Cleaner Quicker

Sick of the ick on every surface of your kitchen? Here, money-saving ways to clean your kitchen, from oil spots on your cabinets to burnt food remnants in your oven. more

The Cleaning Cheat Sheet

Working and running errands often leaves little time for family. But would you rather vacuum or play board games on Friday nights? These cleaning shortcuts will get you to the fun part faster. more

4 Sensational Mompreneurs We Love!

These go-getter gals got the guy and the kids, and started the biz! more

5 Germ Hot Spots You Aren’t Cleaning

Dust, grime and mold can pose serious health hazards, and they may be collecting in hidden places in your home. Here's how to really get and keep your home clean. more

Holiday Greetings for Less

Why pay for paper, envelopes and stamps when you can share your holiday greetings and family news for next to nothing? more

5 Cheap and Easy Decorating Ideas

Which sounds better: spending thousands to make over a room or doing it for next to nothing? Here, creative ways to redecorate on the cheap. more

Fall Cleaning 101

Get ready to stay inside during the cold months ahead, with these down-and-dirty fall cleaning tips. more

Easy Home-value Boosters

Whether you're looking to sell your home or simply spiff it up, some improvements add great value for little cost. Show off the four most important areas of your home, at little or no cost. more

Take a Working Vacation

Sitting on the beach with a good book is relaxing, but for a meaningful, memorable and affordable family trip, sign up for a volunteer vacation. more

Keep Your House Spring-clean

'Tis the season for kids and pets to track dirt, grass and mud into the house. Here, how to keep the great outdoors ... outdoors! more

6 No-brainer Time-savers

Constantly racing around without a moment to breathe? These simple tips shave minutes off your must-do chores -- so you can get time back for you. more

7 Inventive Ways to (Re)Deck Your Halls

Use last year's loot to create a whole new holiday look. more

Beat the Bedbug Epidemic

Bedbugs are infesting residences nationwide. Here are 6 key steps to stop bedbugs from choosing your home. more

Homegrown Stain Busters

Think your clothes and carpets are ruined? These homemade stain remedies let you avoid harsh chemicals and save money at the same time. more

The 10-minute Speed Clean

Are guests on their way over just as you realize that mess has taken over your home? These quick cleaning tips will get the job done in record time. more

Be a Clean Freak … for Less

Regular household products can often do double duty as cleaning supplies, saving you money in the process. more

Money for Something?

The next time your child asks for a raise in allowance, give him a cool job to do instead. You'll both be the richer for it! more

Straighten Up in an Instant

Feeling overwhelmed by the piles of junk mail, the scattered shoes and the cluttered countertops? Use what you already have to contain your everyday stuff. more

Holiday Decorations on a Budget

Before you light the same old white candles the same old way, try these creative, low-cost decorating ideas using holiday-themed candles. more

The Stress-free, Low-cost Party Planner

Everyone loves a bash -- except the person cooking, cleaning and coughing up the cash. This year, plan a simple holiday party that won’t break the bank or your back. more

Giving Kids a Creative Edge

Want to help your children let their creativity shine? Get them involved in the arts with these simple steps and countrywide programs. more

Top 5 Spookiest Halloween Ideas

Do your kids usually have all the fun on Halloween? This year, make it a family affair with these creepy activities that will have everyone screaming. more

Filling the Memory Bank

You’ve got boxes of pictures stored in closets, collecting dust. Instead, here are some fun and unusual ways to preserve your special moments … and make them even more memorable. more

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