Summerize Your Home, Part II: Bathroom

By Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams is a DIY décor and design blogger who frequently contributes to Ideas That Spark. Visit her blog at

Turn your house into a summer oasis with this room-by-room guide. Check out the rest of the series for smart, stylish ways to revamp your bedroom and living room today.

The bathroom may be the smallest room in your house, but small décor changes can make a big, beautiful difference. Don’t worry about it matching the rest of your décor -- this room is the one place where there are really no rules and any colors will go. I’ve lived in three different houses, and in each one, I let the bathroom have its own distinct style. Here’s what you can do now to transform your bathroom into a summertime beauty this season.  

Summer Update No. 1: Lighting
Cost: $5 to $25

Start your bathroom makeover by refreshing the light fixtures. Bathroom lighting should be functional, but why not stylish too? You have a ton of options when it comes to finding the right style. Purchase a pair of pretty wall sconces or glam up the space with a small crystal chandelier. A cheap and easy fix fix to update lighting is to use an existing fixture, spray some primer and spray paint, and you’ll have a new light fixture for a small price.  

Summer Update No. 2: Shower Curtain
Cost: $20 to $50

Shower curtains are a functional item, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. Because they’re typically pretty inexpensive, shower curtains can be changed frequently depending on the seasons and your style. If you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for online or in a store, give making your own a try. Many fabric stores have great patterns and designs to choose from. All you need is a few yards of fabric, a simple grommet tool to make holes for your rings, hem tape to straighten the edges and hardware to hang your new DIY shower curtain.

Summer Update No. 3: Mirrors
Cost: $10 to $100

Mirrors are another often-overlooked easy update that can add major wow with minimum effort. They don’t have to be the standard builder grade box glued to the wall. Pick up a cheap one from a thrift store and spray-paint the frame to match your décor.

Summer Update No. 4: Paint
Cost: $25 to $50

Paint can transform any builder grade cabinet into a custom piece. To brighten up the room, go for a light color, such as gray or yellow. Give the walls a fresh coat while you’re at it, and before you know it, the room will feel brand new. 

Summer Update No. 5: Linens
Cost $5 to $30

I love pretty towels! You can find inexpensive sets at many big-box home stores or deal websites like Amazon. Coordinate the towels with your shower curtain and new paint, and your bathroom will really make a statement.

For such a small room, there’s a lot you can do to update it throughout the year, but don’t get overwhelmed. Do a little at a time and keep it simple. Have some fun with it -- without breaking the bank!

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